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Pep Salvador

Director | Producer | Editor+ Cinematographer

Creative Director
+ Curator + Communicator

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  1. Film is to me the total art, the one that best suits my eclectic curiosity.
  2. Fond of documentary because I cannot separate creation from reality.
  3. Collaborating in cultural projects with a soul, whether it be creating events, exhibitions or visual content.


Alice, de l’autre côté du mirroir

Temporary Exhibition & Video Mapping | 2021
My roles were Curator & Video Mapper

             Beyond the mirror Alice awaits for us. She’s both Lewis Carroll’s muse and Guillaume Poussou’s daughter, a girl who hasn’t lost her faculty to remain imaginative and dreamy. If we join Alice in her playground we’ll be rediscovering our inner child.

             In order to come together, an exploration in space and time is needed. In the form of a performance, Guillaume and his son Tigran pilot their self-built Time Machine. This invention is a retrocognition device powered by an archive cartography that uses vibration to take us to the other side.

             The destination is a multidimensional remote geography where all sorts of personal creative dances magically happen.

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