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Pep Salvador

Director | Producer | Editor+ Cinematographer

Creative Director
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  1. Film is to me the total art, the one that best suits my eclectic curiosity.
  2. Fond of documentary because I cannot separate creation from reality.
  3. Collaborating in cultural projects with a soul, whether it be creating events, exhibitions or visual content.


Carrers d’Octubre


Collective Feature Film | 2018
My roles were Co-Director, Co-Editor & Distributor

            Twelve friends with scattered regards converge in the same present: October the 1st. A coral journey into Catalonia’s Referendum day seen through the eyes of a young generation.
            “Col·lectiu12” arises as a result of a promotion of documentary filmmakers for which the Academy was never enough. After four years of joint formation – as well as divergent influences –  some classmates decide to come together to juxtapose our looks embracing our differences. As if it was a game, we accord on a topic and shoot it separately, revealing new landscapes of eclectic necessity.  

If you’d wish to view the film please contact me so I can facilitate you a password
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