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Pep Salvador

Director | Producer | Editor+ Cinematographer

Creative Director
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  1. Film is to me the total art, the one that best suits my eclectic curiosity.
  2. Fond of documentary because I cannot separate creation from reality.
  3. Collaborating in cultural projects with a soul, whether it be creating events, exhibitions or visual content.


Rebranding JOVI


Advertisement | 2020 - 2021
My role was Storytelling Consultant & Producer

             JOVI is a company dedicated to the manufacture of products for the promotion and development of artistic education. With more than 80 years of accumulated experience, today JOVI is one of the world leaders in the sector, with a presence in more than 80 countries.

            For the first time ever JOVI needed to redefine their brand approach, switching from a product that not only accompanies child growth but also stays present in the live of any curious adult. That’s precisely JOVI’s updated message: their products help developing creativity in all the stages of our life.

            Therefore, my main aportations for this rebranding action plan were to redesign the narrative approach of the sales' pitch to thrill and re-engage clients, including a rework of the action plan and tone of voice specific to a new agent market.

            I did also remotely settle up a film crew who developed an impacting video capsule showcasing the new corporate identity.

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