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Pep Salvador

Director | Producer | Editor+ Cinematographer

Creative Director
+ Curator + Communicator

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  1. Film is to me the total art, the one that best suits my eclectic curiosity.
  2. Fond of documentary because I cannot separate creation from reality.
  3. Collaborating in cultural projects with a soul, whether it be creating events, exhibitions or visual content.


Pep Salvador —  
Curiosity & Eshoterism

“A point needs to be found from where to look”
(Søren Kierkegaard)

                I’m a filmmaker, creative director and photographer living between Barcelona and Menorca. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema and Documentary Direction from ESCAC | UB.

                Being born and raised on a virgin island, in the bosom of a family of architects, farmers, modern art collectors and witches enhanced my sensibility towards wild nature, formal abstraction and emotional spaces. Therefore, I transition among these three pillars in my artistic work. 
                When I was 18 I spent a sabbatical year in Paris where I compulsively attended to museum’s exhibitions and film screenings. This experience expanded my taste and interests on the creation of contemporary images as well as the possibilities of archive resignification. 
                As a filmmaker, I’ve made several independent short and documentary films shown in film festivals and art centers. Desletargia is my first feature film and was shortlisted at Quinzaine des Réalisateurs and Giornate degli Autori when the pandemic cancelled these festivals for the first time ever.  
                In this new normality, I’m experimenting with narration, producing films and trying to combine my multiple professions with my will to be closer to nature’s cycles.

If not in the wild, you’ll find me also close to...

· Visual Arts
· Isolated people
· Diving
· Performative Arts
· Ecologism
· Stargazing
· Beasts
· Contempo Dance
· Astrology
· Veggie cooking
· Yoga
· Cello