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Pep Salvador

Director | Producer | Editor+ Cinematographer

Creative Director
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  1. Film is to me the total art, the one that best suits my eclectic curiosity.
  2. Fond of documentary because I cannot separate creation from reality.
  3. Collaborating in cultural projects with a soul, whether it be creating events, exhibitions or visual content.



Pa amb tomaca

Archive Essay | 2019
My roles were Director, Editor & Production Manager

            Acid audiovisual essay built with found footage that speculates on the possible rugged origins of Catalan culture’s symbols and traditions.

L’Arrel de Pell

Docudrama | 2017
My roles were Director, Actor & Executive Producer

            With a tone of magical realism, I undertake the search of the people who emptied my grandmother’s house after her death. 

El chico de la cámara

Archive Essay | 2018
My roles were Director, Editor Production Manager

            Super 8 tapes’ mashup shot by my father in his teens (Barcelona | 1960’s) that unveils the subconscious desires of a generation raised in the illusion of promised prosperity.


Fashion Film | 2017
My role was Scriptwriter 

            Essay in 16 mm on the unwanted arrival of menstruation and the emotional reluctance to reach maturity in the female body. 

S’àvia ja no balla més

Documentary | 2017
My roles were Director, Cinematographer, Production Manager & Assistant Editor

            After more than 50 years of marriage, Maria faces grief alone while building up a new rutine to bring a renovated sense to her daily life.

Pretty Woman

Documentary | 2016
My roles were Director, Cinematographer, Production Manager & Editor

            Following my aunt for one day to raise the curtain on hereditary mental health.

Catalunya és casa teva!

Essay | 2015
My roles were Director, Cinematographer, Production Manager & Editor

            Super 8 collage that opposes Barcelona’s self ideal of tourism with a more harsh reality wandering through its streets.

Miserable Yo

Fiction | 2020
My roles were Stunt Casting Director Actor

            Marina is an intership artist who’s trying to get off the ground as a photographer. For this, she’ll  try to create “miserable” photos of her insane aunt. The shortfilm shows a moral dilema that will make the protagonist rethink various ethical issues in art. 


Music Video | 2019
My role was Script & Actor

           #RnB #Soul #Trap #NeoSoul #LixMolina #Gese #Colors #Urban #FashionFilm

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